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  http:// ]   11 Октября 2007 г. 12:07 Best

 143850 ]   19 Мая 2006 г. 23:32

I have visit your website, and enjoy it very much, your dogs are very nice, spesially all the black one,I think my next griffon has to be black, they are just adorable.
Best wishes from
Anne , Norway ]   01 January 2005 г. 19:18 Sweden


Have a good new year. You have a lovely homepage. We have also a griffon female she called My. Take a look at her site.
Best wishes from Annika in Sweden ]   25 December 2004 г. 12:27 Sweden

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
Good Luck with your dogs in 2005
Nice website
Birgitta ]   08 November 2004 17:12 Moscow

 The puppies was born at us. You can look at information about parents and photos of puppies in the section puppies.